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Operational services

Bultek Engineering Ltd. has over 10 years of experience, leading importer of machines for PVC and aluminum joinery and glass and glass processing machines. Apart from importing and selling, our business also includes installation and maintenance of the machines.
Bultek Engineering Ltd relies exclusively on competent and fast service and maintenance. For this purpose, our company has highly qualified technical specialists, an opportunity for timely intervention and a warehouse with spare parts and consumables.
If necessary, we have a mobile team that provides competent and professional service, thus relieving and facilitating the work of our customers.

Send service request



Submit a service request

If you encounter a problem on a machine, do not hesitate to contact us and submit your request. The detailed problem described makes it possible for our highly qualified employees to react more quickly.

Confirming the service request

Once the service request has been sent, our employees will contact you as soon as possible to confirm the received request and then contact the service.
Repair service

The implementation of the service is realized after a preliminary call and information about the price of the service.